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Frequently Asked Questions - "Ask the Artsperts"

Types of Art | Acquiring Art | Art in Private Collection | Miscellaneous

Glossary of Art Terms

The following are links to the "Ask the Artsperts" articles written by Kristine Meek and Juliana Meek, owner-directors of Harmon-Meek Gallery and Harmon-Meek|modern, respectively. These articles have been published in "Life in Naples" Magazine since January 2014, and are based on genuine questions. We answer questions using an advice column format in a fun and informative way. We hope you enjoy reading these articles and continue asking questions!

Types of Art
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Modern versus Contemporary Art
Abstract versus Non-Objective Art
Relevance of Realism
Bronze Sculpture
Direct Carving Sculpture
Egg Tempera Medium
New Discovery in Art History - Egg in Oil
Pastel Medium (Is it Chalk?)
A Primer on the Various Types of Prints
Giclee Explained
Texture in Art
Mesh as a Medium
Resin as a Medium
Seeing Art in Person (vs online)
I Can do That!
What Defines American Art
The Artist's Muse
Why the Rabbits?

Acquiring Art
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Knowing About Art
First Time Fine Art Purchase
How is Price Determined?
Do I need a Certificate of Authenticity?
Art as an Investment
Art as an Experience
Is Oil on Canvas Best?
Galleries versus Auctions
Dealers versus Decorators
Collecting on a Budget
Prolific Artists
Commission Conundrum with Copyrights
Art as a Gift
An Art Dealer's Start to Collecting
How Does the Gallery Acquire Art?
"Placing" Art Virtually in a Home

Art in Private Collection
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Advice for Hanging Paintings
Can Paintings Fade in the Sun?
Works Behind Glass and Reflection
Wall Space Solutions
Unusual Places for Art
Salon Style Hanging: hiding conrol panels
Art in the Bathroom
Storing Art
Restoring Egg Tempera
Shipping Art
Preparing for a Hurricane
Redecorating: Keep your Art Collection
Passing on Art
Introducing Fine Art to Children
Incorporating Art in Family Time
Can I Reproduce a Painting I Own?
Can I Cut a Painting to Fit a Space?

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Artists are Essential
How Does the Gallery Plan for Season
Exhibitions for Artist Estates
What is Less Known about being an Art Dealer
Art's Role in Child Development
Art in the Age of Zoom
Fascinating Life of an Artist
Story of Richard Segalman
Mates for Life: a love story of two paintings
Loaning Exhibitions to Museums
New York City - Center of the Art World
Copyrights and Transformative works
Trademarks versus Creative Expression
Art Exhibition Opening Etiquette
Advice to Artists - Donating Works to Charity Auction
Advice to Artists - Errors of Estate Heirs
Advice to Artists - I've Gone Viral!
Advice to Artists - Picky Patrons!

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