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Wall Space Solutions

Dear Artsperts:
I have a few spaces in my home that need certain sized paintings. I know I can buy a smaller painting, but I am afraid it will look too small in the space. Also one of my spaces is vertical, so I need to find a vertical painting. How do I find paintings to fill the dimensions of the spaces?
Spaced Out

Dear Spaced Out,
There are also some options for managing wall space, which make this factor less important in you purchase decision.

1. One option is to frame up a work. By this we mean, choose a larger frame and matting to increase the size of the work. This often has the added benefit of nicely accenting the work. We suggest linen wrapped matting for the best look.

2. Another option is to purchase several small works of art to create a salon style wall. This style of displaying works is growing rapidly in popularity. It has been made especially famous by Hunt Slonem with his large bunny wall at his studio in New York. Many collectors are recreating Slonem “bunny walls” in their own homes. Others create salon style walls with several different artists, and works of varying sizes.

3. A vertical space does not necessarily require a vertical painting. A horizontal painting can look very good in a vertical space, especially with the right frame choice and if the horizontal work fills the horizontal space available.

4. In the case of a work that is too large for the space, it isn’t possible to shrink or crop the work. But it is possible to perhaps find another work by the same artist that is similar, but smaller. Artists often repeat themes and may do a few works with similar subject, colors or location. Also, it may be that the painting has a large frame on it already, in this case you can frame down the work by placing a narrower frame on the painting.

5. An option unique to one of our artists, Joan Konkel, is the ability to orient her works either horizontally or vertically. She works in mixed media, using fine woven mesh, aluminum, and acrylics on canvas to create hanging wall sculpture. Her work is non-objective abstract art and as such can be oriented differently on the wall to better suit available wall space. For this reason, she attaches two wires on the back of her work - one for hanging vertically and a second for hanging horizontally.

We hope that these options help to broaden your mind, even if we can’t broaden your wall space!

The Artsperts

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