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Dear Friends,

We are currently celebrating our 60th Season in Naples!

Our current exhibition is Philip Smallwood - Lifescapes

"Two museum directors I have known for more than forty years, Lou Zona the director at the Butler Institute of American Art in Ohio; and George Bolge the director of museums in Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton and DeLand, have each directed my attention to the watercolors of Philip Smallwood. We got the opportunity to visit his studio in New Jersey last fall and were so taken with his mastery of the watercolor medium that we arranged for this exhibition. Philip's compositions are complex and expertly conceived, but perhaps most noteworthy are his narratives which touch the souls of his subjects and translate to the viewer with equal emotion. It is therefore a distinct privilege to offer these exceptional watercolors to our collectors."
-- J. William Meek III, Masters of Museum Studies, The Johns Hopkins University, Director Emeritus, Harmon-Meek Gallery.

"Philip Smallwood's art, built on themes of African American life, are both sensitive and academically strong. Few artists can capture nuances in the subject, the subtle placement of light, and the remarkable employment of textures… The sentimentality of the works, particularly within the portraits of the children highlights the exceptional talent of this artist whose portraits rank among the finest examples in the genre. The watercolor medium is both challenging and unforgiving. He has made the watercolor medium his own, just as John Singer Sargent and John Marin conquered the medium in their lifetimes. To control the medium just may be one of the most difficult tasks facing the artist…. This is where Philip Smallwood shines."
-- Louis A. Zona, Executive Director,
The Butler Institute of American Art.

"It is an honor to be featured in the echelon of artists represented by the Harmon-Meek Gallery, especially during their 60th Season Exhibition. Some of the works featured in this show, as with much of my works, are intended to begin a dialogue with the viewer, requiring specific notice: the faces, the lives, the environment and the details within these seemingly mundane moments that added together make for a full life that can be imagined through the image on the canvas. I approach every new work with the hope that it will be my finest work. When I think of the audience I want for my work, I hope it reaches the far corners of the Earth. Not in the manner of mass consumption, but rather that the visuals held on the canvas move the viewer and remain with them. Ultimately, I hope that the work has the ability to have its own voice, and that you, the viewer, will hear what each work has to say."
-- Philip Smallwood

382 12th Ave S | Tuesday - Saturday | 11:00-5:00

Paintings by Philip Smallwood

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Kristine Meek and Juliana Meek

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